Malware hunter Kaspersky warns of cyber war dangers

The Russian malware hunter whose firm discovered the Flame virus said Wednesday there could be plenty more malicious code out there, and warned he feared a disastrous cyber attack could be coming.

Consumption driving environment damage: UN

Population growth and unsustainable consumption are driving Earth towards "unprecedented" environmental destruction, the UN said in a report Wednesday ahead of the Rio Summit.

Google adds warning of 'state-sponsored attacks'

(AP) — Google said Wednesday that it has added a feature to warn users whose accounts it believes are targets of "state-sponsored attacks," but the Internet giant did not cite a specific government.

Few surprises for gamers at E3

(AP) — Looking across the waves of sweaty, passionate gamers during the flashy press conferences and detailed demonstrations at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, there's been very few wide eyes, gasps or dropped ...

Remains of Shakespeare's Curtain Theatre found

(AP) — Archaeologists in London have discovered the remains of an Elizabethan theater where some of William Shakespeare's plays were first performed — a venue immortalized as "this wooden O" in the prologue to "Henry ...

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