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Wanted: A sheep in sheep's clothing

Australian scientists say they are looking for the ugliest merino lambs they can find in a study that may challenge the dominance of synthetic fibers.

dateJun 06, 2006 in
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GPS phones to streamline, add content

By 2007, cellular customers in the United States and Europe will be able to use their phones to get to the nearest restaurant, find out if it's open and see the daily specials, according to a company that programs global ...

dateJun 06, 2006 in Consumer & Gadgets
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Sony enters digital SLR camera market

Sony, the first to market a digital camera in 1981, is making a late entry into the higher end segment of digital single-lens reflex cameras, targeting 10 percent of the global market, the Japanese company said Tuesday.

dateJun 06, 2006 in Business
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MAGIC Telescope Finds Microquasar

The variable emission of high-energy gamma rays from a variable microquasar within our galaxy has been detected by the MAGIC (Major Atmospheric Gamma-ray Imaging Cherenkov) telescope located in the Canary Islands. The object ...

dateJun 06, 2006 in Astronomy
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Software industry's 'patch culture' attack

An attack from the security chief of software giant Oracle on the so-called culture of patching and bug-ridden products in the software industry has drawn fire from industry observers, citing the comments as hypocritical ...

dateJun 06, 2006 in Software
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Nano World: Water harvesting surfaces

Beetles that harvest water from desert air have inspired the creation of printable surfaces that improve on nature with the aid of glass nanoparticles. These surfaces could also help control the flow of microscopic amounts ...

dateJun 06, 2006 in Nanophysics
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Opposition likely to NTT breakup proposal

Even as U.S. telecom behemoth AT&T presses to reunite with former Baby Bells and solidify its position as the country's single-biggest carrier, Japan is considering breaking up its dominant provider amid concerns about retaining ...

dateJun 06, 2006 in Business
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