Archive: 05/10/2010

Birds could signal mass extinction

( -- The first detailed measurements of current extinction rates for a specific region have shown that birds are the best group to use to track the losses. The study also reveals Britain may be losing species ...

dateOct 05, 2010 in Ecology
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New nanoparticles could improve cancer treatment

In recent years, studies have shown that for many types of cancer, combination drug therapy is more effective than single drugs. However, it is usually difficult to get the right amount of each drug to the tumor. Now researchers ...

dateOct 05, 2010 in Bio & Medicine
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Stepping stones through time

Stromatolites are the most ancient fossils on Earth, and these structures built by microbes can still be found forming today in various places around the globe. Although they provide a straight line of life’s history ...

dateOct 05, 2010 in Earth Sciences
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