Downstream ecosystems aided by Beaver dams

U.S. scientists say beavers, known for their beneficial environmental effects near their dams, are also critical in maintaining downstream ecosystems.

New discovery could offer clues to origins of Milky Way

Spiral galaxies are the glitter of the universe. These systems of stars, dust, gas and plasma are held together by gravity but seem to pinwheel across the darkness of space. They have fascinated nighthawks for hundreds of ...

Boeing, FedEx trial plane-part RFIDs

Boeing and FedEx are testing the effectiveness of higher-powered RFID tags as a means of monitoring the condition of an MD-10 air freighter.

Illinois physicists produce two most important scientific papers

Two of the five most important papers published in the 43-year history of the journal Applied Physics Letters were written by researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Nick Holonyak Jr., a John Bardeen ...

A Cosmic Coincidence Resurrects the Cyclical Universe

Over the past five years or so, scientists have finally converged on a model of the universe that explains (or at least permits) all of its characteristics. The new cosmological model has one very surprising feature, however, ...

Preble's mouse may be worthy of protection

U.S. scientists say the little-known, but controversial, Preble's meadow jumping mouse should continue to receive federal threatened species protection.

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