FCC aims to set some new regulations on broadband (Update)

(AP) -- The head of the Federal Communications Commission thinks he has come up with a way to salvage his ambitious national broadband plans without running into legal obstacles that have threatened to derail him.

In Europe, bison find plenty of room to roam

(PhysOrg.com) -- The European bison, a close relative of the American bison, has been on a slow road to recovery for almost a century. Europe's largest grazing animal once dwelled from central Russia to Spain, but by the ...

New Amplifier Pushes the Boundary of Quantum Physics

(PhysOrg.com) -- If powerful new quantum computers are to reach their enormous potential, they will need amplifiers capable of transmitting signals so weak they consist of a single photon. In the May 6 edition of the journal ...

New study examines use of social media in the classroom

A recent study by the Lab for Social Computing at Rochester Institute of Technology indicates that the use of social media in classroom settings has little effect on building connections or social capital among students.

New York City security may be underfunded

New budget allocation models developed at Northwestern University suggest that New York City appears underfunded for protection against terrorist threats. The study also shows Chicago as underfunded while Los Angeles appears ...

For Firefighting Crews, Size Matters

Feeling the pinch of the economic downturn, many fire stations are cutting down the number of firefighters riding each truck.

Tests on Iceland volcano to aid forecasting: scientist

Tests carried out during the recent eruption of an Icelandic volcano will allow experts to better forecast the effect on air travel caused by volcanic ash clouds, a scientist said Wednesday.

Is there really a cyberwar? Term might be misused

(AP) -- Is there really a "cyberwar" going on? Some officials and computer security companies say yes, arguing that armies of hackers are stealing online secrets and using the Internet to attack infrastructure such as power ...

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