Cost effective manure management

Recycling manure is an important practice, especially for large livestock producers. Manure can be used as fertilizer to aid in crop production, aiding livestock producers that grow their own feed crops. While manure does ...

US judge tosses $625 million award against Apple

A US District Court judge in Texas has tossed out a $625.5 million damages award against Apple in a patent infringement case involving a document management and display system.

New fresh water in Arctic could shift Gulf Stream

Scientists are monitoring a massive pool of fresh water in the Arctic Ocean that could spill into the Atlantic and potentially alter the key ocean currents that give Western Europe its moderate climate.

Capturing the fugitive... in art

(PhysOrg.com) -- What do Winslow Homer's For to Be a Farmer's Boy (1887) and Vincent van Gogh's The Bedroom (1889) have in common?

Cabbage gelder, cut throat of pigs, or man trap?

Faced with filling in the 2011 census form plenty of people will be tempted to put frivolous answers into the boxes asking for details about their lives. 200 years ago, a Norfolk vicar had similar ideas.

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