Blog Log: What's holding you back, Judy?

What was the point of New York Times reporter Judith Miller's 85-day stand in refusing to identify her source and staying in an Alexandria, Va., jail?

EU site lists wireless roaming charges

Europeans now have a concise Web site they can use to avoid the pitfalls of roaming charges while using their cell phones on the road.

Earthlink offers new security download

EarthLink launched a new downloadable security suite it says sweeps away unwanted spyware and viruses with less fuss than stand-alone protection products.

Sun, Google team up on Java

A joint venture by Google and Sun Microsystems announced Monday is the latest challenge to the dominance of Microsoft Office.

Nanoscientists Provide New Picture of Semiconductor Material

For almost a decade, scientists thought they understood the surface structure of cubic gallium nitride, a promising new crystalline semiconductor. Research by an interdisciplinary team of nanoscientists from Ohio University ...

Mystery Spot demonstrates power of perception

For years, UC Santa Cruz psychology professor Bruce Bridgeman has taken college students to the Mystery Spot, a popular local tourist attraction, to demonstrate how the human brain works.

Korea Joins International Computing Infrastructure

The Global Ring Network for Advanced Applications Development (GLORIAD) reached a milestone in its vision to create a network of high-speed computing capability around the northern hemisphere when it celebrated connectivity ...

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