Survey: Environmental pessimism abounds

A Stanford University survey suggests most Americans are pessimistic about the state of the environment and want action taken to improve it.

Scientists Develop Switchable Focus Eyeglass Lenses

Optical scientists have developed eyeglass lenses that switch focus in a blink of an eye. Optical scientists at The University of Arizona have developed new switchable, flat, liquid crystal diffractive lenses that can adaptively ...

Researchers use nanodots to boost superconductivity

Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers have demonstrated a way to sustain high supercurrents in wires in the presence of a large applied magnetic field -- a step which could greatly expand practical applications of superconductors. ...

New research aims to plug holes in VOIP before they happen

The National Science Foundation has issed four awards totaling $600,000 to the University of North Texas to lead a multi-university collaboration to develop a geographically distributed, secure test bed to analyze vulnerabilities ...

New concept for bendable packaged ultra-thin chips presented

IMEC and its associated laboratory INTEC of the University of Ghent jointly developed a new process flow for ultra-thin chip packages resulting in bendable packaged chips of only 50┬Ám thickness. The technology enables embedding ...

'Picture positive': Lost photos confirm fossil find

The researcher who discovered Paralititan stromeri, one of the most massive animals ever to walk the Earth, now is "picture-positive" about another dinosaur fossil find by a famous German researcher, Ernst Stromer.

Study: Alpine glaciers may nearly vanish

The World Glacier Monitoring Service is warning Europe's Alps might lose three-quarters of its glaciers to global warming during the coming century.

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