Women who love sports don't necessarily attend more games

Even American women who identify as quite passionate sports fans don't watch athletic events much more frequently than women who say they aren't as interested in sports, a new national study finds.

Inefficient California ports cost farmers billions

Between wildfires, drought, a trade war, and the COVID-19 pandemic, the last few years have been hard on California farmers. But recent research by agricultural economists from UC Davis and the University of Connecticut suggests ...

Researchers develop a model of yeast nuclear pore complex

Nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) are massive multi-protein complexes that act as passageways for the transport of molecules into and out of the nucleus. Given their central role in gene expression, growth and development, it ...

3D semiconductor particles offer 2D properties

When it comes to creating next-generation electronics, two-dimensional semiconductors have a big edge. They're faster, more powerful and more efficient. They're also incredibly difficult to fabricate.

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