Leaders commit to 30% methane cut at climate summit

Dozens of countries on Tuesday joined a United States and European Union pledge to cut emissions of methane—a potent greenhouse gas—by at least 30 percent this decade, in a major commitment for climate action.

Genetic contact tracing could help curb TB

The novel use of genetic contact tracing to identify the source of a bovine tuberculosis outbreak could signal a new approach in managing the disease, a study suggests.

'Unicorns' are on the rise in emerging-market nations

The number of "unicorns"—high-tech, high-growth entrepreneurial ventures valued at more than $1 billion—is increasing in emerging-market nations such as China, Brazil and Colombia.

Mixing materials could lead to better biofuels

With the world coming to terms with the need to leave fossil fuels in the ground, renewable alternatives have never been more important. One such alternative is bioenergy coming from the burning of biomass. Now a new article ...

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