Archive: 02/10/2008

Moths with a Nose for Learning

Much like Pavlov conditioned his dog to salivate in anticipation of food when a bell rang, insects can be trained to perform certain behaviors when enticed with different smells. Researchers at the National Institutes of ...

dateOct 02, 2008 in
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Sharpening up Jupiter

A record two-hour observation of Jupiter using a superior technique to remove atmospheric blur has produced the sharpest whole-planet picture ever taken from the ground. The series of 265 snapshots obtained with the Multi-Conjugate ...

dateOct 02, 2008 in Astronomy
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Topsoil's limited turnover: A crisis in time

Topsoil does not last forever. Records show that topsoil erosion, accelerated by human civilization and conventional agricultural practices, has outpaced long-term soil production. Earth's continents are losing prime agricultural ...

dateOct 02, 2008 in Earth Sciences
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