Baboons follow the leader to breakfast

If you're trying to drum up a crowd to go out for a drink after work, you're more likely to succeed if you're popular. Otherwise, you'll probably be going to the pub on your own.

Lessons from the Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake

Details of an earthquake that rocked the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand in February 2011 may transform the way scientists assess the potential threat of fault lines that run through urban centers.

Apple plans massive solar farm in North Carolina

Permits dug up by the Charlotte Observer have revealed Apple Inc.'s plan to build a gigantic solar farm to help power its recently built $1 billion data center in North Carolina. Apple has not formally announced the project ...

Pairing up: How chromosomes find each other

After more than a century of study, mysteries still remain about the process of meiosis -- a special type of cell division that helps insure genetic diversity in sexually-reproducing organisms. Now, researchers at Stowers ...

Britain warns over Internet freedom at cyberspace talks

British Foreign Secretary William Hague issued a warning on Tuesday to countries that try to restrict Internet freedom as he opened a global conference designed to set up cyberspace "rules of the road".

'Hackers take down' Palestinian servers

Hackers from around the world have attacked Palestinian servers, cutting Internet service across the West Bank and Gaza, the Palestinian communications minister said on Tuesday.

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