Study: Romantic male mice enjoy singing

Washington University scientists have confirmed a long-standing suspicion: romantic male mice enjoy singing complex songs to potential mates.

Spin-off Company Helps Customers See the Light

When University of Arkansas professor Xiaogang Peng developed a series of powerful methods for synthesizing high quality nanocrystals in solution, researchers began asking him for samples, so he and his co-workers decided ...

New method could lead to avian flu-resistant birds

Creating a strain of avian flu-resistant chickens and exploring how canaries learn to sing are two of many potential uses for a Picower Institute of Learning and Memory researcher's simple new way to create transgenic birds. ...

Google, IBM team up on PC desktop search

IBM is teaming up with Google to find documents on personal computers. The newest plug-in for IBM’s enterprise search technology will integrate with Google Desktop for Enterprise, which is downloadable free.

Lightning research sparks new discovery

Lightning, a high-voltage discharge that strikes quickly and sometimes fatally, is very difficult to study. A new and surprising finding by Florida Institute of Technology's Dr. Joseph Dwyer and his team brings the study ...

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