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The least sea ice in 800 years

New research, which reconstructs the extent of ice in the sea between Greenland and Svalbard from the 13th century to the present indicates that there has never been so little sea ice as there is now. The research results ...

dateJul 01, 2009 in Earth Sciences
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Desert rhubarb -- a self-irrigating plant

Researchers from the Department of Science Education-Biology at the University of Haifa-Oranim have managed to make out the "self-irrigating" mechanism of the desert rhubarb, which enables it to harvest 16 times the amount ...

dateJul 01, 2009 in Ecology
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New e-science service could accelerate cancer research

The University of Manchester and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory's European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) have launched a major new e-science resource for biologists - which could accelerate research into ...

dateJul 01, 2009 in Other
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Dell Planning Pocket Web Gadget

( -- Dell engineers are in the process of developing a pocket handheld device for browsing the internet. Dell plans on using the Google Inc.'s Android software and may also use chips based on designed licensed ...

dateJul 01, 2009 in Consumer & Gadgets weblog
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