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Evidence of a local hot bubble carved by a supernova

I spent this past weekend backpacking in Rocky Mountain National Park, where although the snow-swept peaks and the dangerously close wildlife were staggering, the night sky stood in triumph. Without a fire, ...

Hitchhiking robot thumbs its way across Canada

Uruguay opens bidding for marijuana plots

Malaysia's Mahathir calls for Internet censorship

Australia launches 'Green Army' for environment

Scientists develop pioneering new spray-on solar cells

Law changed to allow 'unlocking' cellphones

Mysterious molecules in space

Over the vast, empty reaches of interstellar space, countless small molecules tumble quietly though the cold vacuum. Forged in the fusion furnaces of ancient stars and ejected into space when those stars ...

Berkeley team explores sound for indoor localization

Social network challenges end in tragedy

Researchers jailbreak iOS 7.1.2

Image: Tethys in sunlight

Tethys, like many moons in the solar system, keeps one face pointed towards the planet around which it orbits. Tethys' anti-Saturn face is seen here, fully illuminated, basking in sunlight. On the right side ...

States debate digital currency

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