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ESO image: A study in scarlet

This new image from ESO's La Silla Observatory in Chile reveals a cloud of hydrogen called Gum 41. In the middle of this little-known nebula, brilliant hot young stars are giving off energetic radiation that ...

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Progress in the fight against quantum dissipation

NASA approves space station supply launch

NASA is pressing ahead with Monday's planned launch of a supply ship despite a critical computer outage at the International Space Station, determining the situation is safe.

NASA to conduct unprecedented twin experiment

Consider a pair of brothers, identical twins. One gets a job as an astronaut and rockets into space. The other gets a job as an astronaut, too, but on this occasion he decides to stay home. After a year ...

Research group to study interstellar molecules

From April 2014, a new group will study interstellar molecules and use them to explore the entire star and planet formation process at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics. Newly appointed ...

JPL tests big with a supersonic parachute for Mars

"You wanna go to Mars, you wanna go big? Then you gotta test big here," says mechanical engineer Michael Meacham, and testing big is exactly what he and other engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory have done to develop ...

Extra-terrestrial Tweet-up links Tokyo with space

An unusual "Tweet-up"—a meeting of people who know each other on Twitter—involving an ambassador, an astronaut and a prime minister has taken place on a video-link between Japan and the International ...

Microsoft CEO is driving data-culture mindset

Down's chromosome cause genome-wide disruption

How kids' brain structures grow as memory develops

Floating nuclear plants could ride out tsunamis

Patent talk: Google sharpens contact lens vision

Join in the Cassini name game

As NASA's Cassini mission approaches its 10th anniversary at Saturn, its team members back here on Earth are already looking ahead to an upcoming phase.

Revealing camouflaged bacteria

Quantenna promises 10-gigabit Wi-Fi by next year

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