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Glass fiber that brings light to standstill

Light is an extremely useful tool for quantum communication, but it has one major disadvantage: it usually travels at the speed of light and cannot be kept in place. A team of scientists at the Vienna University ...

dateApr 08, 2015 in Quantum Physics
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Quantum teleportation on a chip

The core circuits of quantum teleportation, which generate and detect quantum entanglement, have been successfully integrated into a photonic chip by an international team of scientists from the universities ...

dateApr 01, 2015 in Quantum Physics
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Theory of the strong interaction verified

The fact that the neutron is slightly more massive than the proton is the reason why atomic nuclei have exactly those properties that make our world and ultimately our existence possible. Eighty years after ...

dateMar 26, 2015 in Quantum Physics
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3,000 atoms entangled with a single photon

Physicists from MIT and the University of Belgrade have developed a new technique that can successfully entangle 3,000 atoms using only a single photon. The results, published today in the journal Nature, repres ...

dateMar 25, 2015 in Quantum Physics
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How does order emerge?

German scientists from the MPQ, LMU, and the FUB analyze how fast order can appear in a quantum-mechanical system.

Quantum mechanic frequency filter for atomic clocks

Atomic clocks are the most accurate clocks in the world. In an atomic clock, electrons jumping from one orbit to another decides the clock's frequency. To get the electrons to jump, researchers shine light ...

New research signals big future for quantum radar

A prototype quantum radar that has the potential to detect objects which are invisible to conventional systems has been developed by an international research team led by a quantum information scientist at the University ...

Physicists find a new form of quantum friction

Physicists at Yale University have observed a new form of quantum friction that could serve as a basis for robust information storage in quantum computers in the future. The researchers are building upon ...

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