Packaging and Assembly Services for MST/MEMS - Worldwide

Aug 05, 2004

The enablingMNT review on Packaging and Assembly Suppliers for MST/MEMS confirms that many of the small and medium sized enterprises often lack both the expertise and the infrastructure for full wafer level packaging

Research and Markets has announced the addition of Packaging and Assembly Services for MST/MEMS - Worldwide to their offering.

The infrastructure for MST/MEMS development and production is growing fast: Many foundries and design houses have been established over the past few years which cover most, if not, the whole range of the required technologies for commercialising micro- (and nano-) technology. Packaging, however, still remains a bottleneck introduced, belatedly, at the end of the design cycle, and often delaying or even preventing industrialisation and commercialisation.

In this context, the enablingMNT review on Packaging and Assembly Suppliers for MST/MEMS has confirmed that many of the small and medium sized enterprises (SME) often lack both the expertise and the infrastructure for full wafer level packaging, leading to high-volume, cost intensive solutions. The existence of professional suppliers of MST/MEMS packaging and assembly is therefore an essential element in the supply chain and critical for the industrialisation and commercialisation of MST/MEMS products. Over 40 organisations that offer packaging and assembly services for MST/MEMS have been identified, studied and assessed and the results are presented in this report.

The companies described here range from small start-ups, offering very specialised services, to large semiconductor packaging companies, with production lines set up specifically for microsystems-based products. In addition, the report provides an assessment of the major trends and technologies in this field. Finally, the intricate interactions that exist between microsystems-based users and/or die manufacturers (foundries) and the service suppliers of packaging and assembly is also addressed.

The enablingMNT industry review on Packaging and Assembly Suppliers for MST/MEMS has more than 95 pages, which include 10 tables, 10 figures, and 46 company profiles.

Report Contents:

1 General Introduction
2 Contents, List of Tables, Figures, Sponsors & Advertisers
3 Executive Summary
4 Micro Nano Technologies (MNT)
4.1 MNT Product Development
4.2 Markets for MNT
5 Business Models and Strategies for Packaging and Assembly Companies
6 Technologies and Concepts
7 The MST/MEMS Packaging and Assembly Industry
8 Summary of Trends/Conclusion
9 Company Information

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