Motion's Next-Gen Tablet PC Capable of Up to a Full Day of Battery Life

May 18, 2005
LE1600 Tablet PC

Motion Computing, a leader in ultramobile computing and wireless communications, today unveiled the LE1600, a slate tablet PC that enhances user productivity with its improved ergonomics, technology innovations and advanced security capabilities; in a slimmer, lighter and more durable design. Building on the widely-acclaimed design of Motion's award-winning M-series tablet PCs, the LE1600 packages the latest generation of Intel Centrino mobile technology, longer battery life management, and design durability optimized for mobile professionals in healthcare, field sales and service, government and education.

The clipboard-sized Motion LE1600 Tablet PC weighs 3.1 pounds and features a slim, tapered design, about a quarter-pound lighter and a quarter-inch thinner than the Motion M1400. Motion’s new flagship product runs Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 and is built-to-order per customer specification.

“The LE1600 builds upon Motion’s history of offering best-in-class slate tablet PC design for an unsurpassed mobile computing experience,” said Scott Eckert, Motion Computing’s CEO. “After listening to our customers in the mobile workforce, we have enhanced nearly every component, feature and design element in the LE1600 to increase productivity for on-the-go users while providing enhancements in mobility, performance and security. Through our leadership in product innovation, as well as our build-to-order manufacturing model, Motion is well-positioned to increase its already-significant share of the worldwide tablet PC market.”

Mobile Workforce Productivity

The Motion LE1600 is the first slate tablet PC to ship with the latest generation of Intel Centrino mobile technology (formerly codenamed Sonoma), including the Low Voltage (LV) Intel Pentium M processor 1.5GHz, the Mobile Intel 915GMS Express Chipset, and the Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 BG Network Connection, providing enhanced performance, graphics processing, power management, and flexible WLAN capabilities for the mobile platform. In addition, the LE1600 includes 512MB of upgradeable 400MHz DDRII memory and a 30GB hard drive, upgradeable to 60GB. The hard drive is a shock-mounted 1.8” design for enhanced durability.

“Intel Centrino mobile technology gives users outstanding mobile performance combined with great battery life and built-in wireless capability,” said Keith Kressin, director of marketing, Intel Mobile Platforms Group. “The slate PC form-factor combined with Intel Centrino mobile technology is especially useful for on-the-go workers, such as a doctor reviewing a digital x-ray with a patient while wirelessly accessing medical records.”

With the LE1600’s innovative battery logistics, mobile professionals can achieve up to a full work day of computing time without recharging. The Standard Battery provides more than three hours of use, and a slim, optional Extended Battery attaches flat against the back of the LE1600, maintaining even distribution of weight and balance. When used in tandem, the two batteries are hot-swappable and can provide up to eight hours of computing time – more than double the battery life of the award-winning M1400.


Enhanced Design and Innovative Interface Features

Motion’s durable slate design has been extended to the LE1600. With a magnesium alloy lower housing and carbon fiber upper housing, the LE1600 achieves an optimal balance between durability and weight as well as improved wireless performance.

Building on the features of the M-series of tablet PCs, the Motion LE1600 includes proprietary Speak Anywhere technology. The LE1600 intelligently switches between two of three microphones, depending on screen orientation, for high-fidelity voice and sound input. Speak Anywhere “locks in” on a user’s voice, cancels out background noise, and enables accurate voice recognition and speech-to-text transcription in a range of applications from voice control and command to dictation to VoIP applications.

The LE1600’s standard screen offers a 12.1-inch, high-resolution XGA viewing area and viewing angles of up to 180 degrees to simplify collaboration. The new slate tablet PC also features a Digital Video Interface (DVI-D) port for output to high-resolution flat-panel monitors and projectors. In addition, the optional View Anywhere display technology offers high-quality display clarity and visibility at nearly all angles in nearly every lighting condition. View Anywhere gives users a 10-to-1 reduction in sunlight reflection compared to Motion’s standard tablet PC displays.

Delivering increased flexibility for mobile professionals, a new all-in-one mobile keyboard peripheral is available for the LE1600. The Convertible Keyboard serves as a mini-dock and charging station for the tablet PC. The mobile keyboard adds the functionality of a full-size notebook computer without adding significant weight or bulk.

Other enhanced features include:

-- Gigabit Ethernet to provide faster wired network connections and protect IT investment
-- Embedded Wi-Fi supporting latest standards and security protocols (802.11a/b/g)
-- Embedded Bluetooth simplifying peripheral connections and reducing cabling hassles
-- IrDA for quick wireless synchronization with PDAs and SmartPhones
-- New ergonomic pen with improved weight balance and integrated eraser
-- Motion accessory cable which enables powering an external DVD drive directly from the tablet

“Globally, we’re seeing tablet PC market growth strengthen substantially,” said Roger Kay, vice president of client computing at IDC. “IDC’s research anticipates that tablet PC shipments in 2005 will increase 84 percent over their 2004 level, and we expect growth in 2006 to be sustained at 86 percent over the 2005 level. Mobile professionals, especially workers in health care and field sales, realize that tablet PCs can offer better mobility and increased productivity.”

Embedded Security Ensures Data Integrity

The LE1600’s advanced security capabilities help ensure user, network and enterprise data are protected. An embedded Trusted Platform Module (TPM) enables hardware-protected encryption, as well as secures digital certificate storage for authentication and secure e-mail applications. The built-in fingerprint reader uses biometric data to prevent unauthorized access to system resources and encrypted data. The LE1600 also features the new Motion Security Center for quick access to the tablet PC’s authentication, password and encryption applications.

The Motion LE1600 is available from Motion’s international network of more than 700 value-added resellers or at for $2,199 MSRP. Motion is also selling the LE1600c – a Celeron version – for $1,899 MSRP. The LE1600 comes with a standard one-year limited warranty – extendable to two or three years. In addition, a wide range of complementary peripherals are available, including the Extended Battery, Convertible Keyboard, USB Mobile Keyboard, FlexDock docking station, ergonomic digitizer pens and cases.

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