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Voyager map details Neptune's strange moon Triton

Supernova seen in two lights

Copper shines as flexible conductor

The impact of bacteria in our guts

Checking the first data from OCO-2

Team developing mobile DNA test for HIV

( —Rice University bioengineers are developing a simple, highly accurate test to detect signs of HIV and its progress in patients in resource-poor settings.

Dutch scientists crack fingerprint dating riddle

Criminals' days may be numbered after Dutch forensic experts discovered how to accurately date fingerprints, a breakthrough that could one day let police date crime scene prints from years ago.

Laser device can detect alcohol in cars

A new open-access article in the Journal of Applied Remote Sensing is garnering attention for research that could aid in the campaign to prevent drunk driving: a device that can detect alcohol in cars.

Healthy diet vital for adolescent mental health

New tool to assess noise impact on marine mammals

Philippines makes arrests in online extortion ring

Nigeria records two new cases of Ebola

Caught by a hair

Crime fighters could have a new tool at their disposal following promising research by Queen's professor Diane Beauchemin.

New device will find carcinogenic food fungus faster

One of the food industry's major recurring challenges, detecting highly carcinogenic toxins that occur naturally in our most common crops, could soon be solved by groundbreaking research that exploits aflatoxins' fluorescent ...

Calcium and reproduction go together

Meet the "swarmies"- robotics' answer to bugs

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