Archive: 11/9/2005

Live phishing shows risk of personal info

Despite all the warnings about giving out personal information, many people still freely give away seemingly innocuous details that can be used to crack their passwords, according to the results of a "live phishing" survey. ...

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Organised wind chaos on Jupiter

Scientists from the Max-Planck Institute for Solar System Research, the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, and the University of California Los Angeles, have now presented a new three-dimensional computer ...

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The Web: 'Wild West' of the Internet

The Wild West ethos that animated the Internet during its first decade of commercial popularity is being tamed through litigation, experts tell United Press International's The Web.

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Star on the run

Speeding star observed with VLT hints at massive black holeUsing ESO’s Very Large Telescope, astronomers have recorded a massive star moving at more than 2.6 million kilometres per hour.

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Red kiwi poised to make a healthy debut

First there was green, then yellow and now red-fleshed kiwifruit. A team of researchers in Italy and New Zealand has found that a newly developed variety of red-fleshed kiwifruit contain anthocyanins, bright red pigments ...

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