Archive: 10/9/2008

Clue to genetic cause of fatal birth defect

A novel enzyme may play a major role in anencephaly, offering hope for a genetic test or even therapy for the rare fatal birth defect in which the brain fails to develop, according to a study from researchers at the University ...

Oct 09, 2008
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Saving Sumatra: Indonesia reaches historic agreement

The Indonesian government and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) today announced a bold commitment to protect the remaining forests and critical ecosystems of Sumatra, an Indonesian island that holds some of the world's most diverse ...

Oct 09, 2008
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'Credit Crunch' Will Hit Retirees in Unequal Ways

( -- How severely retirees will be affected by the continuing financial crisis and subsequent "credit crunch" depends to a considerable extent on the kinds of retirement plans they rely on for retirement income, ...

Oct 09, 2008
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