Archive: 07/9/2007

Study evaluates brain lesions of older patients

Lesions commonly seen on MRI in the brains of older patients may be a sign of potentially more extensive injury to the brain tissue, according to a recent study conducted by researchers at the Duke University Medical Center, ...

Jul 09, 2007
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What's in your microcapsule? Tattoo ink -- and more

In her Brown University laboratory, Edith Mathiowitz makes tiny particles coated in polymers. These microcapsules, some as small as the point of a pin, can carry medicines, genes, paints, pesticides – any ...

Jul 09, 2007
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Neutral evolution has helped shape our genome

Johns Hopkins researchers have added to the growing mound of evidence that many of the genetic bits and pieces that drive evolutionary changes do not confer any advantages or disadvantages to humans or other animals.

Jul 09, 2007
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A new type of spin valve that uses graphene

“Some people think that graphene, a form of carbon, is the material of the future,” Allen Goldman tells “It’s of high scientific interest because of its unusual electronic properties.”

Jul 09, 2007 feature
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