Archive: 06/9/2009

Bing luring Internet searchers: comScore

Microsoft's new Internet search engine Bing boosted the software giant's share of the US market in the week following its release, industry tracking firm comScore reported Tuesday.

Jun 09, 2009
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Engineers unveil new lighting solutions

A study by Carnegie Mellon University researchers argues that new lighting technologies can be a key player in the portfolio of strategies needed to promote energy efficiency and to help reduce the emission of greenhouse ...

Jun 09, 2009
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Computer Finds Massive Black Hole in Nearby Galaxy

Astronomers Karl Gebhardt of The University of Texas at Austin and Jens Thomas of the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics have used new computer modeling techniques to discover that the black ...

Jun 09, 2009
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New research shows potential for a male contraceptive

Researchers have known for more than half a century that sperm is able to fertilize an egg only after it has resided for a period of time in the female reproductive tract. Without this specific interaction ...

Jun 09, 2009
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