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Powering up IT for professional learning

The study and implementation of technology-enhanced professional learning has been fragmented. Now European researchers have linked such ‘islands’ of knowledge into a thriving, collaborative community.

May 09, 2008
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How should we interpret spiritual experiences?

Religious practices and religions involving spiritual experiences are growing in popularity around the globe. Academics too are turning their study to the practices of these religions. The interest is in understanding shamanism, ...

May 09, 2008
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The Antennae Galaxies move closer

The Antennae Galaxies are among the closest known merging galaxies. The two galaxies, also known as NGC 4038 and NGC 4039, began interacting a few hundred million years ago, creating one of the most impressive ...

May 09, 2008
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Productivity rises when companies are facing closure

In companies that are slated to be shut down, productivity increases during the phase-out period itself. When management is busy dealing with matters other than daily operations, employees shoulder a greater responsibility ...

May 09, 2008
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Flies' eyes could enhance robot vision

Robots with flies' eyes could take advantage of the insect’s vision system to better locate the edges and boundaries of objects. This ability could help robots perform a variety of tasks more quickly and ...

May 09, 2008 feature
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New cost-effective means to reconstruct virus populations

Researchers from the United States and Switzerland have developed mathematical and statistical tools for reconstructing viral populations using pyrosequencing, a novel and effective technique for sequencing DNA. They describe ...

May 09, 2008
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Tomato stands firm in face of fungus

Scientists at the University of Amsterdam have discovered how to keep one’s tomatoes from wilting – the answer lies at the molecular level. The story of how the plant beat the pathogen, and what it means for combating ...

May 09, 2008
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