Archive: 05/9/2005

'Atoms to Products: Nanostructured Novel Battery'

Victor Lifton, lead researcher for mPhase Technologies Inc., will present a paper today, "Atoms to products - a nanostructured novel battery," at the Nanotech 2005, Anaheim Marriott & Convention Center.Dr. Lifton will report ...

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New results, trial for Alzheimer's vaccine

Training the body's immune system to fight back against Alzheimer's disease may still offer a promising option for slowing or even preventing the tragic brain disorder that affects 4.5 million Americans.

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LG Electronics LCD monitors sweep top design awards

LG Electronics announced its line-up of premium LCD monitors that swept world-class designs awards, namely, Reddot Design Awards 2005 and iF Material Design Awards 2005. CNN and CBS introduced LG’s premium ...

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Davidson recognized for contributions to beam physics

Ronald Davidson, a researcher at the U.S. Department of Energy's Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, has been selected to receive the Particle Accelerator Science and Technology Award for 2005. He will be honored on May ...

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Creative thinking: try lying down

Keep that pen and paper by the bed: new research by an ANU PhD graduate suggests it may be that our most creative thoughts come when we’re lying down. Dr Darren Lipnicki, from the School of Psychology in the Faculty of ...

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Deployment of second MARSIS boom delayed

The deployment of the second antenna boom of the Mars Express Sub-Surface Sounding Radar Altimeter (MARSIS) science experiment has been delayed pending investigation of an anomaly found during deployment of ...

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