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Mind May Be MVP on the Diamond

“Hope springs eternal” in the heart of every baseball fan and nothing trumps the feeling of emerging from the turnstile to absorb the comforting vision of fresh grass, manicured infield dirt and crisp white foul lines. ...

dateApr 09, 2008 in Psychology & Psychiatry
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Vehicle communications system in your pocket

The device that will manage the telematics communications of next-generation vehicles may already be in our pockets. Multiple application ‘nomadic’ devices like the mobile phone are ideal for telematics solutions. Automotive ...

dateApr 09, 2008 in Engineering
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Deep-sea sharks wired for sound

Deep-sea sharks have been tagged and tracked and their habitats precisely mapped in world-first research to test the conservation value of areas closed to commercial fishing.

dateApr 09, 2008 in
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