Archive: 03/9/2007

Marine moss reveals clues to anti-cancer compound

An Oregon Health & Science University researcher believes the discovery of a gene cluster from a bacterium that protects a moss-like marine invertebrate from predators may be the first step toward engineering ...

Mar 09, 2007
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Research to make spyplanes smarter, keep troops safe

University of Central Florida professors Niels da Vitoria Lobo and Mubarak Shah earned a grant this week to develop a way for small, unmanned spyplanes to "speak" to each other to provide better intelligence to troops on ...

Mar 09, 2007
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How plants manage calcium may reduce effects of acid rain

A new understanding of how plants manage their internal calcium levels could lead to modifying plants to avoid damage from acid rain. The pollutant disrupts calcium balance in plants by leaching significant amounts of the ...

Mar 09, 2007
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Progress toward Artificial Photosynthesis?

Plants can do it: they simply grab carbon dioxide out of the air and covert it into biomass. In this process, known as photosynthesis, the plants use light as their energy source. Chemists would also like to be able to use ...

Mar 09, 2007
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