Archive: 03/9/2006

Scientists create tiny mass spectrometer

Purdue University scientists have created battery-powered, miniature instruments that might be used in protecting again terrorist bombings.

Mar 09, 2006
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Chemically squeezing every drop of ethanol from corn

Brent Shanks is going down to the molecules to find a little extra ethanol. Shanks, an Iowa State University associate professor of chemical and biological engineering, is leading a research team that's working to develop ...

Mar 09, 2006
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Nanotech to Improve Satellites and Solar Cells

More efficient space solar cells could mean better imagery satellites and improved solar energy technology. Scientists at the NanoPower Research Labs at Rochester Institute of Technology, led by director Ryne Raffaelle, are ...

Mar 09, 2006
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The Unusual Insulating Properties of a Superconductor

Since their discovery, high-temperature superconductors, a class of remarkable materials that conduct electricity with almost zero resistance, have perplexed scientists. Despite many, many studies, how these ...

Mar 09, 2006
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Internet tech dazzles FOSE convention

Perhaps the U.S. government can rest a little easier over its battle with Internet censorship in China, knowing there is software that could circumvent the Chinese's online censor program.

Mar 09, 2006
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Move over TiVo, MythTV is here

Frustrated by the slow, advertising-laden cable experience provided by AT&T Broadband, programmer Isaac Richards took matters into his own hands by coming up with his own solution to the problem.

Mar 09, 2006
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Mathematician may become U-Chi president

A presidential search committee is recommending Robert Zimmer, provost of Brown University, become the 13th President of the University of Chicago.

Mar 09, 2006
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Scientists Working Toward Better Batteries

As more and more people rely on cell phones, laptop computers, personal organizers, and even hybrid electric-gas vehicles, scientists are working to develop rechargeable batteries that are ever smaller, cheaper, ...

Mar 09, 2006
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'Killer bees' arrive early in Tucson

So-called killer bees have reportedly arrived in Tucson, Ariz., early this year, with a shortage of food on the desert causing colonies to move about.

Mar 09, 2006
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