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Research Shows Multimedia Can Help Report Complex News

Assistant Professor Ron Yaros paid his dues as a journalist - working in the midwest from Michigan to Wisconsin and Missouri. He covered science, technology and health. But he wanted more. "I realized that there might be ...

dateFeb 09, 2009 in Other
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Does Facebook share too much information?

It's possible that you don't care whether your old college roommate thinks Ric Flair's birthday should be a national holiday. Maybe the fact that a co-worker adores a particular brand of potato chips does nothing for you.

dateFeb 09, 2009 in Internet
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Carbon Nanotubes Make Fuel Cells Cheaper

( -- As fuel cells are becoming more popular due to their potential use in applications such as hydrogen-powered vehicles, auxiliary power systems, and electronic devices, the need for the precious metal platinum ...

dateFeb 09, 2009 in Nanomaterials weblog
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Happy hospitals make happy patients

Imagine a hospital where morale is high, employee turnover is low and patient call buttons rarely go unanswered---and if they do, you can call the hospital's CEO.

dateFeb 09, 2009 in Health
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Cancer diagnosis: Now in 3-D (Video)

University of Washington researchers have helped develop a new kind of microscope to visualize cells in three dimensions, an advance that could bring great progress in the field of early cancer detection. The technique could ...

dateFeb 09, 2009 in Cancer
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