Archive: 02/9/2006

Researchers 'rewrite the book' in quantum statistical physics

An important part of the decades-old assumption thought to be essential for quantum statistical physics is being challenged by researchers at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, and colleagues in Germany and Italy. ...

Feb 09, 2006
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New highly sensitive AFM revolutionizes nano imaging

While a microphone is useful for many things, you probably wouldn't guess that it could help make movies of molecules or measure physical and chemical properties of a material at the nanoscale with just one ...

Feb 09, 2006
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The nanoworld of corrosion

The effect of corrosion has an impact on about 3% of the world's Gross Domestic Product. From a positive point of view, however, chemical attack of metal surfaces may result into surface nano-structures with ...

Feb 09, 2006
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Researchers assemble second non-human primate genome

A multi-center team has deposited the draft genome sequence of the rhesus macaque monkey into free public databases for use by the worldwide research community, the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), one of ...

Feb 09, 2006
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UF engineer develops tiny, easily mass-produced motion sensor

A University of Florida engineer is the latest researcher to design a tiny, easy-to-manufacture motion sensor, a development that could help popularize the sensors as standard equipment in personal electronics, ...

Feb 09, 2006
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Some vegetables may provide cancer defense

Georgetown University scientists have found some vegetables contain chemicals that appear to enhance DNA repair in cells that might protect against cancer.

Feb 09, 2006
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Prairie dogs denied endangered protection

Federal officials have announced they will not consider providing Gunnison prairie dogs with protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Feb 09, 2006
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Testing broadband on buses for efficiency

Traveling by bus can be notoriously unreliable, even in a country like Japan, where the public transportation system prides itself on efficiency and predictability. So buses have taken a back seat to trains in Japan, where ...

Feb 09, 2006
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Brazil astronaut to do nano research

Brazil's first astronaut, who is due to fly to the International Space Station at the end of March, will conduct nanotechnology research while in orbit.

Feb 09, 2006
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Scientists re-engineer antibiotic

Scientists have re-engineered an antibiotic that attacks bacteria by inhibiting cell wall synthesis, thereby significantly increasing its effectiveness.

Feb 09, 2006
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