Archive: 02/9/2006

One Laptop Project reaches critical stages

The One Laptop Per Child project, an effort spearheaded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Laboratory and joined by several corporate partners and international governments, has moved closer ...

Feb 09, 2006
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Official! Size Really Does Matter...

Buy your female Valentine a priceless diamond ring and she will be faithful forever… but any cheap gift will lose her attention. Such comic-book logic has yet to be proven among humans, but it’s certainly the case in ...

Feb 09, 2006
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UM Team Devises Way to Use Metal in Micromachines

In the world of microtechnology, entire "machines," so tiny the naked eye can't see them, can be manufactured to create things like sensors that deploy car air bags. But conventional micromachine fabrication ...

Feb 09, 2006
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Science losing war over evolution

This just in from the front lines of the battle between evolution and intelligent design: evolution is losing. That's the assessment of Randy Olson, a Harvard-trained evolutionary biologist turned filmmaker ...

Feb 09, 2006
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On the Scent of a Pre-Historic Particle Accelerator?

An international team of astrophysicists have used the H.E.S.S. telescopes to uncover the trail of a 10,000 year old supernova at the heart of the Milky Way. In a paper published in Nature (6th February 2006), they descri ...

Feb 09, 2006
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Love endures, but Valentine's Day roses are another story

Each Valentine's Day, sweethearts search for the perfect gift to represent their enduring affection. Shouldering the burden of embodying all this emotion is a delicate, finite bloom -- the rose. Ironically, ...

Feb 09, 2006
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Net neutrality and the regulation debate

Public-interest groups like Common Cause and the Consumer Federation of America want it; Internet service providers such as BellSouth, Verizon and AT&T, don't. Large internet companies, led by Google, are lobbying Congress ...

Feb 09, 2006
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Net control at question

Born in the United States, the Internet has long since become global -- but tensions have also grown over U.S. control of the core infrastructure and governance of the Net.

Feb 09, 2006
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NASA Preparing Oxygen Generation System for Space Station

NASA is preparing to launch an oxygen generation system to the International Space Station. The system uses water to generate breathable oxygen for crew members. Life support systems like this are necessary to support future ...

Feb 09, 2006
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