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Potential drunk drivers now have an app for that

( -- You have spent the night out on the town and had a few drinks with friends. At the end of the evening, you figure you have only had a few drinks. You should be fine to drive right? While this ...

Jan 09, 2012 weblog
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Mapping dark matter from galactic ripples

( -- Sukanya Chakrabarti, Ph.D., an assistant professor of physics for the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science at Florida Atlantic University, has developed a way to discover and map dark matter in galaxies. ...

Jan 09, 2012
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Not all who wander are lost

( -- Some stars have orbits that take them to interesting places, and they have interesting stories to tell about how they were formed. For more than a decade, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) ...

Jan 09, 2012
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