Archive: 01/9/2008

Evolution of the Sexes: What a Fungus Can Tell Us

Fungi don't exactly come in boy and girl varieties, but they do have sex differences. In fact, a new finding from Duke University Medical Center shows that some of the earliest evolved forms of fungus contain clues to how ...

Jan 09, 2008
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Crash warning for connected cars?

European researchers have demonstrated in the lab a collision warning system for cars that could alert the driver several seconds in advance of an imminent impact. The device could save thousands of lives ...

Jan 09, 2008
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The leading 'edge': plastic fibre slashes network costs

Plans in the 1990s to bring ultra-high speed telecom lines into every home foundered because the optical fibre infrastructure was just too expensive. But a new European project using plastic fibre and off-the-shelf ...

Jan 09, 2008
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