Archive: 8/12/2009

Possible ovarian cancer treatment target identified

A multi-institutional study has identified a potential personalized treatment target for the most common form of ovarian cancer. In the December 8 issue of Cancer Cell, the research team describes finding that a gene called ...

dateDec 08, 2009 in Cancer
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The blood detective

( --UCI hematologist Dr. Jae Chang employs medical sleuthing skills to identify rare blood disorders.

dateDec 08, 2009 in Other
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EU antitrust chief slams senators on Oracle deal

(AP) -- The European Union's antitrust chief said Tuesday that U.S. senators who pressed her to approve Oracle Corp.'s takeover of Sun Microsystems Inc. should stop interfering in Europe's affairs and prioritize U.S. health ...

dateDec 08, 2009 in Business
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