Archive: 10/8/2007

Study: Tasers are safe to use

U.S. scientists examining the safety of Tasers used by some law enforcement officers have found the devices are safe, causing few serious injuries.

Oct 08, 2007
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Plant viruses from past provide ecological clues

Taking the medical history of a grassland may seem a bit esoteric – after all, how sick can grass be? However, scientists have discovered plant viruses from as early as 1917 containing information crucial ...

Oct 08, 2007
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VLBA Changes Picture of Famous Star-Forming Region

Using the supersharp radio "vision" of the National Science Foundation's Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA), astronomers have made the most precise measurement ever of the distance to a famous star-forming region. ...

Oct 08, 2007
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Researchers create system to build transplant tissue

One day soon, laboratories may grow synthetically engineered tissues such as muscle or cartilage needed for transplants. In a major step forward, Cornell engineers describe in the journal Nature Materials a micr ...

Oct 08, 2007
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