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'Giraffe of the Mesozoic' Discovered

( -- A creature dubbed a "Giraffe of the Mesozoic" has been discovered in China. The animal, with its giraffe-like long neck and long forelimbs is the first well-preserved Early Cretaceous brachiosaurid dinosaur ...

dateSep 08, 2009 in Archaeology & Fossils weblog
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Will safety net hospitals survive health reform?

(AP) -- Janie Johnson has no health insurance, so when she cut her toe while giving herself a pedicure, she limped to the emergency room at one of Chicago's safety net hospitals and waited her turn.

dateSep 08, 2009 in Health
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Time running out for bipartisan health compromise

(AP) -- Time is running out for a two-party compromise on health care as a bipartisan group of six Finance Committee senators considers a new proposal that might be the last, best hope for an overhaul agreement.

dateSep 08, 2009 in Health
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Study pushes the button on intuitive design

( -- A Queensland University of Technology researcher is looking for volunteers to take part in a study aimed at making contemporary appliances such as dvd players and mobile phones more usable for the elderly.

dateSep 08, 2009 in Other
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