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Coming to grips with robot learning

A 'living' artificial hand that learns through imitation has been developed, enhancing human-machine communication and paving the way for novel prosthetic aides. "The last decade has seen enormous advances in the design and ...

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Shanghai Builds New Space Base

Work on a new space base commenced Tuesday at the Shenzhuang Industrial Zone in Shanghai. The base will take shape in five years in Shanghai in an effort to upgrade research and development in the region, an official said ...

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US IT Systems Highly Vulnerable To Attack

Our nation's information technology infrastructure, which includes air traffic control systems, power grids, financial systems, and military and intelligence cyber networks, is highly vulnerable to terrorist and criminal ...

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Building Life From Star-Stuff

Life on Earth was made possible by the death of stars. Atoms like carbon and oxygen were expelled in the last few dying gasps of stars after their final supplies of hydrogen fuel were used up.

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