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Research sheds light on memory by erasing it

For years, scientists have studied the molecular basis of memory storage, trying to find the molecules that store memory, just as DNA stores genetic memory. In an important study published this week in the Journal of Neuroscience, ...

dateMay 08, 2007 in Medical research
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Researchers at Illinois explore queen bee longevity

The queen honey bee is genetically identical to the workers in her hive, but she lives 10 times longer and – unlike her sterile sisters – remains reproductively viable throughout life. A study from the University of Illinois ...

dateMay 08, 2007 in
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Baby aspirin better for your health, study says

Nearly a quarter of a million Americans each year may be hospitalized with bleeding complications caused by needlessly taking a daily dose of an adult-sized aspirin rather than a baby aspirin to prevent a heart attack or ...

dateMay 08, 2007 in Medications
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The State of Ubuntu 7.04 Is Strong

With companies and individuals everywhere failing to find the wow in Windows Vista, Apple's OS X riding iPod sales and snarky commercials to steady growth, and long-time Microsoft partner Dell announcing plans to market a ...

dateMay 08, 2007 in Software
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