Archive: 04/8/2011

Expedia to spin off TripAdvisor

Online travel giant Expedia announced plans on Thursday to spin off TripAdvisor into a separate publicly traded company later this year.

dateApr 08, 2011 in Business
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Finland's 'Angry Birds' shoot to global fame

Spectators fall silent as Jonas Koivula slingshots a boomeranging parrot over enemy lines in a devastating flanking manoeuvre during Finland's national Angry Birds championship finals.

dateApr 08, 2011 in Software
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Nanoparticles increase biofuel performance

How to put more bang in your biofuels? Nanoparticles! A new study in the Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy shows that the addition of alumina nanoparticles can improve the performance and combustion of biodiesel, while ...

dateApr 08, 2011 in Nanomaterials
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Govt announces plan to reduce health disparities

(AP) -- From cradle to grave, minority populations tend to suffer poorer health and get poorer health care than white Americans. In a first-of-its-kind report, the government is recommending steps to reduce ...

dateApr 08, 2011 in Health
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