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Tick Tock: Who Needs an Atomic Clock?

“Last year the Nobel Prize recognized the significance of this field with John Hall and Theodor Hänsch,” says Chris Oates of studying optical atomic clocks. “There are a lot of new ideas coming out, ...

Mar 08, 2006 feature
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Ubiquitous galaxies discovered in the Early Universe

A team of astronomers from France, the USA, Japan, and Korea, led by Denis Burgarella has recently discovered new galaxies in the Early Universe. They have been detected for the first time both in the near-UV ...

Mar 08, 2006
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Saturn Moons In Ghostly Specter

Ghostly details make this dark scene more than just a beautiful grouping of two Saturn moons, with Tethys on the left and Titan on the right.

Mar 08, 2006
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Role Of Showoff Hypothesis In Social Decisions Investigated

A new study of the Hadza population in Tanzania, forthcoming in the April 2006 issue of Current Anthropology, explores the role of hunting in human evolution. Among chimpanzees and most human populations that subsist on wild ...

Mar 08, 2006
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SuitSat Experiment Ended Successfully

The SuitSat-1 experiment, called RadioSkaf - or Radio Sputnik in Russian - has been completed successfully by the International Space Station crew, Sergei Samburov, the project's deputy director, told the Russian ...

Mar 08, 2006
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Random gene breakage found in cancer study

Scientists at the University of Navarra in Spain say they've performed a bioinformatic study on genes implicated in the development of cancer. The researchers -- Javier Novo and José Luis Vizmanos -- say the study led to ...

Mar 08, 2006
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Cisco adds video security to product line

Cisco Systems said its acquisition of a video-surveillance company Tuesday means that physical security is now a market of the future for Cisco.

Mar 08, 2006
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Confidence helps seniors remember better

Brandeis University scientists say believing you can retain a good memory as you age is the first step toward achieving that goal.

Mar 08, 2006
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Aussie minister cool on Telstra plans

Australia's telecommunications minister gave the cold shoulder to Telstra's pledge to maintain service in the rural outback.

Mar 08, 2006
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Israel marks National Safe Internet Day

Israel held its second annual National Safe Internet Day on Tuesday, with workshops, lectures and activities for children and parents nationwide.

Mar 08, 2006
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