Archive: 02/8/2006

EU energy policy encounters difficulties

The European Union's efforts to boost European energy security are reportedly conflicting with some EU member states' national security interests.

Feb 08, 2006
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NJIT chemists cook up new strain of carbon nanotubes

Kitchen chemistry is alive and well at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) as chemical researchers report cooking up a new and more water- soluble strain of carbon nanotubes. An article about this work, "Rapidly Functionalized, ...

Feb 08, 2006
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MIT Researchers Take Space Suit to Next Level

Researchers in the Man Vehicle Laboratory (MVL) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have begun this month to push a revolutionary new space suit design from investigation to initial development, aiming ...

Feb 08, 2006 feature
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SLAC Physicists Develop Test For String Theory*

*Under Certain Conditions String theory solves many of the questions wracking the minds of physicists, but it has one major flaw — there are currently no known methods to test it. SLAC scientists have found a way ...

Feb 08, 2006
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Model explains how electron beams make nanotubes visible

Scanning electron microscopes are the workhorses of imaging structures on the scale of billionths of a meter. Typically, they work by shooting a beam of electrons at the specimen and then detecting newly generated ...

Feb 08, 2006
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Spitzer Uncovers Hints of Mega Solar Systems

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has identified two huge "hypergiant" stars circled by monstrous disks of what might be planet-forming dust. The findings surprised astronomers because stars as big as these were ...

Feb 08, 2006
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Scientists study how sperm get into an egg

Scientists from Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Maryland say they've identified a key component of the mechanism spermatozoa use to enter an egg.

Feb 08, 2006
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NASA lists Challenges Program rules

NASA's Centennial Challenges Program officials Wednesday released draft rules for six new prize competitions, including spacesuit and vehicle challenges.

Feb 08, 2006
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IBM Unveils Revolutionary Cell Broadband Engine Computer

At a press conference in New York today, IBM introduced a blade computing system based on the Cell Broadband Engine (Cell BE). The IBM branded Cell BE-based system is designed for businesses that need the dense ...

Feb 08, 2006
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Physics in the Game: When a Goal is Scored as if by Magic

Miracles happen over and over again. Even in the sport which the Germans love the most – soccer. But when the ball flies in a curve and hits the goal it has nothing to do with magic powers. Here it is rather a question ...

Feb 08, 2006
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