Archive: 01/8/2008

Study proves the co-pay connection in chronic disease

As 2008 begins, millions of Americans are having to dig deeper into their own pockets every time they refill a prescription or see a doctor. The reason? Higher co-payments that took effect January 1, as employers try to deal ...

dateJan 08, 2008 in Health
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Blue crab research funds slashed

The federal government cut a $4 million fund to increase blue crabs in Chesapeake Bay, sending Baltimore researchers scrambling to continue the program.

dateJan 08, 2008 in Environment
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BERT and ERNI proteins control brain development

Scientists at University College London have discovered how two proteins ­called BERT and ERNI interact in embryos to control when different organ systems in the body start to form, deepening our understanding of the development ...

dateJan 08, 2008 in Medical research
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4 health behaviors can add 14 extra years of life

People who adopt four healthy behaviours – not smoking; taking exercise; moderate alcohol intake; and eating five servings of fruit and vegetables a day – live on average an additional fourteen years of life compared ...

dateJan 08, 2008 in Health
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