Archive: 01/8/2008

When shorter waits increase stress

People hate to wait, says common customer service insight. Marketers will hype their earnest attempts to shorten waiting times or at least promise to provide customers with information or distractions to make the waiting ...

Jan 08, 2008
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Trying to stay on a strict diet? Focus on the details

Repetition usually makes people enjoy things less. Such satiation causes our favorites to lose their sheen, makes it hard to follow a diet, and pushes us to escalate our spending on novelty. Life has even been called a “hedonic ...

Jan 08, 2008
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A healthy smile may promote a healthy heart

Each year, cardiovascular disease kills more Americans than cancer. And while most people are aware that lifestyle choices such as eating right, getting enough exercise and quitting smoking can help prevent cardiovascular ...

Jan 08, 2008
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