Archive: 10/7/2005

An organic thyristor

An organic salt that can be switched between two different conducting states is reported in September in the journal Nature.

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NASA's Space Shuttle Endeavour Comes To Life

Engineers cheered as electricity coursed through Space Shuttle Endeavour today for the first time in two years. The powering of Endeavour signaled the end of the orbiter's major modification period at NASA's Kennedy Space ...

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Dark Matter – One Mystery Solved (Update)

Until recently cosmologists could not explain why elliptical galaxies did not appear to have dark matter haloes surrounding them, which is known to exist in other types of galaxies. Analyzing data from a simulation ...

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Air quality in West going south

Texas air, already bad, will get a tad worse and Midwest air may actually improve, says EPA study of global warming on U.S. regional air quality. By mid-century, air quality throughout the Western United States ...

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