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Does my dog really love me?

By Sarah Etter Did Lassie really love Timmy? Or was she only saving him from disaster, time and again, so that he would reward her later with a tasty morsel from the dinner table? Scientists, veterinarians and dog ...

Jul 07, 2005
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Motorola Ojo Personal Video Phone Now Available Nationwide

Experiencing a powerful face-to-face conversation with those important to you just got a little easier, as Motorola, Inc. today expanded the retail availability of the Ojo Personal Video Phone. Tweeter Home ...

Jul 07, 2005
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Did Humans Cause Ecosystem Collapse in Ancient Australia?

Massive extinctions of animals and the arrival of the first humans in ancient Australia may be linked, according to scientists at the Carnegie Institution, University of Colorado, Australian National University, and Bates ...

Jul 07, 2005
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Discovery of 'doping' mechanism in semiconductor nanocrystals

Novel electronic devices based upon nanotechnology may soon be realized due to a new understanding of how impurities, or 'dopants,' can be intentionally incorporated into semiconductor nanocrystals. This understanding, announced ...

Jul 07, 2005
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Nanotubes inspire new technique for healing broken bones

Scientists have shown for the first time that carbon nanotubes make an ideal scaffold for the growth of bone tissue. The new technique could change the way doctors treat broken bones, allowing them to simply inject a solution ...

Jul 07, 2005
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Report reveals extreme impact of global warming on Europe

Spaniards could be sunning themselves on British beaches and Greeks could be cruising down the Rhine if global warming patterns continue, a report revealed today. Southern Europeans could be heading northward for their sum ...

Jul 07, 2005
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Flu virus confirmed in migratory birds

China has confirmed the deadly avian flu virus was found for the first time in migratory birds, raising fears the disease could spread to other regions.

Jul 07, 2005
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Universe in crisis as experts question Big Bang model

The widely accepted idea that the universe began with a Big Bang could be wrong, according to astrophysicists who took part in a "Crisis in cosmology" meeting in Portugal and reported in this month's Physics World magazi ...

Jul 07, 2005
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Cut global warming by becoming vegetarian

Global warming could be controlled if we all became vegetarians and stopped eating meat. That's the view of British physicist Alan Calverd, who thinks that giving up pork chops, lamb cutlets and chicken burgers would do more ...

Jul 07, 2005
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