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Alternative medicine goes mainstream

(AP) -- At one of the nation's top trauma hospitals, a nurse circles a patient's bed, humming and waving her arms as if shooing evil spirits. Another woman rubs a quartz bowl with a wand, making tunes that ...

dateJun 07, 2009 in Health
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Japan explores using cell phones to stop pandemics

(AP) -- A few months from now, a highly contagious disease will spread through a Japanese elementary school. The epidemic will start with several unwitting children, who will infect others as they attend ...

dateJun 07, 2009 in Telecom
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A lethal cancer knocked down by one-two drug punch

In the battle against cancer, allies can come from unexpected sources. Research at The Jackson Laboratory has yielded a new approach to treating leukemia, one that targets leukemia-proliferating cells with drugs that are ...

dateJun 07, 2009 in Cancer
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Obama team plans more active role on health care

(AP) -- The White House, backing away from President Barack Obama's "it's-all-on-the-table" approach initially advocated, prepared to get louder and more involved in the details of a health care overhaul ...

dateJun 07, 2009 in Health
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Injected with HIV by dad as baby, teen inspires

(AP) -- Brryan Jackson has been left out of birthday party invitations and asked not to use water fountains. His daily routine at one point included 23 pills, three IV medications and two injections. But ...

dateJun 07, 2009 in HIV & AIDS
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