Archive: 06/7/2006

Termites frighten South Florida residents

It's South Florida's termite season, but this year a "super termite" species is reportedly starting to scare South Florida pest-control experts.

Jun 07, 2006
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The Web: Social networking searches

Media mogul Martha Stewart is launching an online social network for women -- joining other entrepreneurs who are starting similar projects and are collectively propelling social networks into the mainstream of the Internet, ...

Jun 07, 2006
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Nanowire-Paper Offers Strength, Flexibility

University of Arkansas researchers have created assemblies of nanowires that show potential in applications such as armor, flame-retardant fabric, bacteria filters, oil cracking, controlled drug release, decomposition ...

Jun 07, 2006
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Kondo effect in single magnetic molecules

The Kondo effect was first explained more than 40 years ago by a Japanese physicist. It opened a new chapter in the study of fundamental physics. Now, that door is being pushed open a little further, thanks to the efforts ...

Jun 07, 2006 feature
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