Archive: 05/7/2008

Braille converter bridges the information gap

A free, e-mail-based service that translates text into Braille and audio recordings is helping to bridge the information gap for blind and visually impaired people, giving them quick and easy access to books, news articles ...

dateMay 07, 2008 in Computer Sciences
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Engineers 'bone' up on biological materials

In a recent feature article published in Materials Research Society's Bulletin, Dr Michelle Oyen explores the potential uses of synthetic bone-like material. Michelle suggests that these materials will be too ...

dateMay 07, 2008 in Condensed Matter
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Superbug genome sequenced

The genome of a newly-emerging superbug, commonly known as Steno, has just been sequenced. The results reveal an organism with a remarkable capacity for drug resistance. The research was carried out by scientists ...

dateMay 07, 2008 in
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Does the brain control muscles or movements?

One of the major scientific questions about the brain is how it can translate the simple intent to perform an action—say, reach for a glass—into the dynamic, coordinated symphony of muscle movements required for that ...

dateMay 07, 2008 in Medical research
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Genetic 'tag team' keeps cells on cycle

By surveying the activity of thousands of genes at several different time points, researchers at the Duke Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy have uncovered new evidence that a network of influential genes act as a kind ...

dateMay 07, 2008 in
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Alternatives to ozone-depleting pesticide studied

Methyl bromide, an odorless, colorless gas used as an agricultural pesticide, was introduced in the 1980s as an effective way to control weeds and increase fruit yields. Agricultural production nurseries around ...

dateMay 07, 2008 in Other
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Amazon under threat from cleaner air

The Amazon rainforest, so crucial to the Earth’s climate system, is coming under threat from cleaner air say prominent UK and Brazilian climate scientists in the leading scientific journal Nature.

dateMay 07, 2008 in Environment
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