Archive: 7/03/2007

Female chimps keep the bullies at bay

Female chimpanzees may have found a fool-proof way to ensure they mate with only the highest ranking males, namely those with important social and physical characteristics that their offspring may inherit, according to a ...

dateMar 07, 2007 in
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Insulin -- in need of some restraint?

Knocking out the gene for a peptide associated with insulin secretion protects mice against the harmful effects of a high-fat diet, report researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. Their findings, detailed ...

dateMar 07, 2007 in Medical research
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Study reveals depressed elderly risk early death

In a project involving more than 300 elderly people who had been discharged from hospital, 17% were found to have previously undiagnosed depression and of that figure, 7% died within two years of leaving hospital.

dateMar 07, 2007 in Health
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Researchers identify ovarian cancer biomarkers

Researchers have identified markers unique to the cells of blood vessels running through ovarian tumors. The finding, while preliminary, could one day improve screening, diagnosis and treatment for this disease.

dateMar 07, 2007 in Cancer
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Researchers 'sniff out' emissions from feedyards

Setting up an air quality trailer in the midst of cattle pens at a feedlot will help measure gaseous emissions, said a Texas Agricultural Experiment Station researcher. Dr. Ken Casey, Experiment Station air quality engineer ...

dateMar 07, 2007 in Environment
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