Archive: 01/7/2008

Toward solving the mystery of idiosyncratic drug reactions

A mysterious and unpredictable group of side effects from modern medications called idiosyncratic drug reactions (IDRs) likely will persist as a major health care problem unless there is a dramatic increase in research funding, ...

Jan 07, 2008
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Infants with birthmarks received less oxygen in womb

A hemangioma is a benign tumor of cells that line blood vessels, appearing during the first few weeks of life as a large birthmark or lesion. A study published in Pediatric Dermatology reveals that a disturbance of oxygen ...

Jan 07, 2008
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Ceramic hybrid needles take the sting out of shots

New polymerization technology may one day take the pain out of injections and blood draws. A team of researchers at the University of North Carolina and Laser Zentrum Hannover have recently used two-photon polymerization ...

Jan 07, 2008
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China's biotech industry: An Asian dragon is growing

Backed by a government intent on promoting innovation and fuelled by the “brain gain” of talented scientists and entrepreneurs returning from abroad, China’s health biotech industry only needs a more favourable investment ...

Jan 07, 2008
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AMD Xilleon Panel Processors Announced

AMD today unveiled a new family of AMD Xilleon panel processors designed to provide unrivaled visual quality in liquid crystal display (LCD) digital TVs. AMD’s new panel processors deliver advanced motion compensation and ...

Jan 07, 2008
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